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Jun 18

Improve Google Ranking

improve google ranking

Improve Google Ranking

Looking to improve your Google Ranking?

There are a lot of ways to get traffic to your website or blog, some are better than others. Obviously the best form of traffic is organic search engine.

Traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo generate search results which generates targeted traffic, which of course generates leads and sales.


Here Are Some Steps To Improve Your Google Ranking

improve google ranking

  1.  Deliver quality content - remember Google and other search engines want to deliver what they think is the best answer to your question when you enter something into the search engine.
  2. KeywordsWhen writing blog posts, research using Google’s keyword tool to find the right keyword to go after. Try and find one with a good amount of traffic, low competition and one that will have a high probability of your viewers to take action.
  3. Submit to major search engines  - Google, Yahoo directory and Bing.
  4. Social Bookmarking - Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and so on. Join marketing groups on Google Plus and post your content and create backlinks to your pages and posts.
  5. Stay Fresh – Keep your site fresh, stay up to date with your niche and update your site often or daily.
  6. Blog Comenting – Find similar blogs to your niche, commenting on posts will create relevant back links to your own website or blog.
  7. Follow a System – Sometimes we all need a little structure, having the right system to follow along with step by step can always help.

Bring The Fresh

Bring The Fresh Review



Jun 15

Bring The Fresh Review- A Real Review Of The Program!

Bring The Fresh Review

Bring The Fresh Review- A Real Review


Bring The Fresh is well a fresh new money making formula that in my opinion is one of the best products I have seen this year.

The thing that caught my eye after buying the product and going through the videos is that there is no hype with this product. Kelly Felix really brings her home with this one folks.

Every video is packed with step by step methods on how to actually become an internet marketer. Unlike other systems out there when you get sucked into buying a terrible product that leaves you no further ahead then when you started, Bring The Fresh actually breaks down each step and shows you actually how to set things up.

Sites like www.venusfactor.ca are created with help from the Bring The Fresh Program.


Whether you are a beginner or have been in the market for a while I suggest giving this product a try, I have and use all of the strategies found with in Bring The Fresh in my own websites and blogs.

Okay, so I will break down what you will get with Bring The Fresh

  • BTF Roadmap- PDF form fast start in written form, start to finish how to get started.
  • BTF Fast start videos- There are 7 videos starting with how to pick what niche to go into to keyword research and actually setting up a blog.
  • Bonus videos- On top of the fast start videos there are also 7 additional older videos, equally as great as the first 7.
  • Bonus Bonus Videos- Mike Long is featured in a lot of videos, well worth checking out.
  • Full Disclosure Program- This is an additional upsell where one get access to private coaching and advanced SEO training if required.
  • Members Forum- Access to a great forum where everyday people are very active and are more than willing to share their success stories and secrets.



Bring The Fresh Check it out today!! 7 For A 7 Day Trial Run!!




Jun 12

Ranking In Google

Ranking In Google

Ranking In Google

Ranking in Google even with all the new changes to Google’s new algorithm’s which are constantly changing is still a pretty easy task if given the right steps.

Keyword research is the key to getting ranked well, and having the right tools to do that is equally as important.

Below is a video on how to use  Google’s keyword tool effectively to find just the right keyword to go after.

I usually go after keywords that I think I can rank well for or even rank 1 or 2 on the first page, after all isn’t that the goal.

Remember, your keyword should meet all of the following:

  1. Your keyword is one that people will actually search for
  2. Low competition, an easy way to check this is to do a search in Google yourself using quotations around your keyword. Example: “keyword”. Pay attention to the amount of actual search results, this will indicate how many actual websites have an exact match for that keyword.
  3. High likelihood that the people search for the keyword(s) are interested in taking
    an ACTION – such as buying a product (through your affiliate link), or giving
    you their email address, so you can communicate with them further, and get them
    to make a purchase.

Once we have our keyword picked, we need to now go ahead and write a blog post around that keyword. What we don’t want to do is saturate the post with the keyword, stick to about 1% to 2% keyword density with your content and deliver quality to your readers.

Ranking in Google

  •  Find A niche
  • Find the right keywords
  • Try and get a exact match domain name for that keyword
  • Build your blog
  • Write content
  • Create backlinks to your website, social media is a great resource
  • Add your website to Google and other search engines.
  • Ping your content.

Having the right product and resources the accomplish this is equally as important, below is one of the best products I have found for beginners and is packed with great step by step videos and user guides.


Bring The Fresh

For those just starting out in the blogging world, check out Bring the Fresh.



Jun 03

How To Make Money With Youtube Videos

how you make money on youtubw

How To Make Money With Youtube Videos…

Have you ever wondered what might be one of the simplest ways to make money on the internet is? How about uploading videos to youtube?

Yes you can make money on youtube by simply uploading your videos. This is truly insane and fresh, a brand new product that you can literally make hundreds of dollars just by uploading videos.

How to make money with youtube videos via tubelaunch is really simple and there are only a few steps to follow and you could be making money as early as today.

Step1: step 1 is to create a company account with Tubelaunch, and you will be able to keep track of your daily earnings. You will also receive a massive data base with company’s in all categories that want to work with you. You will be given the choice of what videos you want to upload.

Step 2: How To Make Money With Youtube Videos. Step 2 is obviously uploading these videos to youtube, after going through the data base and choosing which ones you want to upload you will be given training on how to attract viewers to theses videos and the more views the greater income potential.

Step 3: Collect your earnings, after your payments are set up you will receive your earnings every wednesday, there payment processor has sent out over 2 billion dollars in earnings over the past 14 years, isn’t you time to get a piece of the action.


May 23

How To Monetize Your Blog

How to monetize your blog

How To Monetize Your Blog

Making money with your blog should be one of your top priorities.

Teliad is that answer.

What you will find with a typical ad network is that they will only specialize in only one or two different ways to monetize your blog.

It can be difficult to find the right ads to run on your blog that actually make the most sense for you and are a perfect fit.
teliad | Link Building & Blog Marketing


Teliad has a great marketplace where they connect the right ad buyers with the right ad sellers. That is the difference with Teliad.

Teliad allows you and your blog to get in front of a large number of advertisers.

The great thing about Teliad is that there is a flat fee, meaning there is no need to worry about click through ratings, cpm, page views or conversion rates.

The advertiser pays once, a flat fee making it easy to earn a steady income and monetize your blog.




How To Monetize Your Blog – Text Links, Blog Posts and Pre-Sell Pages

teliad | Link Building & Blog Marketing

Teliad allows you to monetize your blog with the following four types of advertising solutions:


  1. Text links
  2. Post links
  3. Blog posts
  4. Pre-sell pages

All forms of advertising can be found in Teliads marketplace. You as the seller provide the proper details which advertisers can view such as Alexa rankings, launguage, page rank and so on.

You can choose the locations of the placement of text links, such as header, footer and sidebar locations.

The potential to earn a great deal of money with Teliad really depends on your blog, the more popular the blog is the higher the potential to actually make money is with Teliad.

Try Teliad today and see if is the right fit for your blog and start to monetize your blog today.
teliad | Link Building & Blog Marketing

May 15

Best Ad Network

Best Ad Network

Best Ad Network

In my opinion the best ad network for you to monetize your blog or website is by far Google’s Adsense.

using an ad network like Adsense can earn you extra money per month below is a solid list of good alternatives to Adsense in case you want to mix things up. It is a good idea to try different networks and see what is the right fit for your blog.

Best Ad Networks- Alternative Ad Networks



Best Ad Network




Best Ad Network



 Yahoo Publisher

Best Ad Network



Viral Ad Network

Best Ad Network




Best Ad Network


These ad networks are a very good starting point for your blog or website to start making money online with your blog. As far as the best ad network, I would suggest Google’s Adsense to start and if you find that it is not the right fit for your blog then test out some of the alternatives.


May 12

How Do I Make Money With A Blog

how do i make money with a blog

How Do I make Money With A Blog

Everyone wants to have a blog these days and make money with it. The truth is that most people will have given up there dreams of having a blog and making money with it in less than a year.

Blogging is something that takes time, patience and know how. You will not make money overnight, you will have to work hard at this every day.

Be consistent and stick to a schedule that you decide to go with. Writing daily is really the ideal situation when it comes to blogging and if you cannot keep that schedule then perhaps you can consider putting in a few extra hours on the weekends and write 2 or 3 posts and schedule them during the week.

How Do I Make Money With A Blog- Ways To Make Money

how do i make money with a blog

There are quite a few ways to make money with your blog and really the more creative that you are the more successful that you will be.

  • Advertise- The reason you see ads everywhere on blogs and/or websites obviously is to make money from your blog. Placing ads in well placed positions on your blog can gain you a few extra bucks a month in revenue. As your blog grows so will your earning potential. Place ads, let them run for a week or so and see how they do, the key here is stats.
  • Become an Affiliate- Sign up as an affiliate to related products or services that make sense with your blog. Amazon, Clickbank and the Empower Network are great places to go and become an affiliate. Even Godaddy allows you to be an affiliate and earn commissions.
  • Sponsors- Sponsored ads can be a great way to make money with a blog. Be creative here and ad an image on you blog linking to a page with prices that you set, this can be on a monthly basis or what ever you decide. You are in control of this part   which can be very profitable. Websites like SeoClerks and Fiverr allow you to create gigs and advertise your website stating that you will advertise someones banner or text link on you blog for a set price.
  • Sell Your Own Products- “How do I make money with a blog?” Sell your own stuff, either products that require shipping or digital products like an Ebook that you can either create yourself or have the resell rights to.

These are just a few ways that you can make money with your blog, remember if you are new to blogging then this is a process, it won’t happen overnight and you need to be persistent, passionate and consistent with your blog. Things will start to fall into place and you will begin to make money with your blog eventually.

You have to learn how to blog first before you can make any money online.



May 06

Increase Blog Traffic

increase blog traffic

Increase Blog Traffic

If you are new to blogging perhaps you are having trouble with traffic, there are so many different ways  to increase blog traffic.

Some are obviously better than others.

Below is a list of different ways to increase blog traffic and increase your revenue potential.

You need to remember that without traffic to your blog you might as well not even have a blog.


10 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic


  1. Organic Blog Traffic- Organic search engine traffic is probably the best form of traffic because it is also the most targeted. Having targeted traffic to your blog will increase your sales and your ads revenue.
  2. Paid Traffic- Paid traffic depending on where it comes from can be equally as targeted as organic free traffic, but of course this will cost you some money. PPC traffic from Google Adwords or others might be something to look into, but keep in mind it can get expensive.
  3. Article writing- Writing articles for website like Ezinearticles.com can be a great way to increase blog traffic. Write some killer articles linking back to your blog, this will be a good way to increase traffic and build a name for yourself.
  4. Social Media- Of course one of the best ways to increase blog traffic these days is through social media, I would highly recommend using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others.
  5. Tag Your Posts- Include tags with whatever posts that you write, this will help with your SEO score.
  6. Reference relevant posts- In your writing it is always a good idea to reference your own posts on a similar topic or even linking to another website with quality content.
  7. Guest Blogging- Writing a quality article as a guest writer is a great way to make a name for yourself and also a a way to gain some quality backlinks.
  8. Comments- Follow other blogs that are similar to yours and interact and comment on blog posts.
  9. Participate- Participating in groups, fan pages etc.
  10. Quality Content- Write quality content, if you are consistent in writing quality information, people will generally come back and always want to read what you have to say first on any subject.






May 04

Targeted Traffic

targeted traffic

Targeted Traffic- Why is it so important?

What is targeted traffic and why is it so important? Well with out traffic to your website or blog you might as well not even have a website if there is no one to read it.

Targeted traffic is traffic that actually wants to read what you have to say because they are actually looking for that information, and your blog should be in the position to answer the questions that your readers want answered.

Anyone can get traffic to there website or blog, all you have to do is pay for it. The most important thing to remember is you want quality targeted traffic.

Targeted Traffic- What Is The Best Way To Get Targeted Traffic?

targeted traffic

In my opinion there are 3 ways to get targeted traffic. One being organic search traffic, PPC( pay per click ), and social media.


  1. Organic Targeted Traffic- Organic traffic from search engines is probably the best form of traffic, I personally try to get most of my traffic from search engines. You should try to write posts on interesting topics that your readers can walk away from feeling like they had actually learned something from you.
  2. PPC Targeted Traffic- Pay per click advertising is equally as targeted as organic traffic and in some cases a better form of traffic, the real difference of course this is not free, and can cost you a lot of money. So make sure you know what you are doing because this can get expensive.
  3. Social Media Targeted Traffic- Social media is something you should be taking advantage of, this can be one of the best ways to get traffic period. Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest etc. Use them all, interact with people in social media.

Targeted Traffic- Free Traffic

targeted trafficThe best place of course to get free targeted traffic is from search engines. Write quality content on your blog and try to rank high in the search engines.

I have had posts rank in the number 1 spot on Google multiple times within days of publishing, my point is that it is possible to rank well, getting free organic targeted traffic is what you want to accomplish.

There are other forms of free traffic of course, websites like www.like4like.org that you can easily get free traffic but of course this won’t be targeted. The advantage of using a free traffic generator is of course to boost your Alexa rankings which can help you rank better.


May 04

Make Money Online

how to make money online

How To Make Money Online

If you are anything like me then you have always wondered how to make money online? It is very possible if given the right directions and taught the correct methods that actually do work.

Every where you look there is always a new product or scheme out there that promises the same thing over and over, I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

Lets get one thing clear here folks, making money online is not as easy as some people have led you to believe. It takes time, it takes knowledge and know how. The only way that you will make any money online is to make an impact on people. know what you are talking about, believe in what you are trying to accomplish.

You will need to accept the fact that you will fail, fail and probably fail again. This is a necessary step to be able to succeed in your online business, as long as you learn from your failures. So many people try to start an online business and fail, give up and think it is hopeless.

Make money online

It’s not hopeless, you can actually make money online, and a blog is for sure one of the best ways to do it.

Having your own blog can give you the leverage that you need to do just about anything online.

Here are just a a few examples of what you can do with your blog.


  1. Promote affiliate products- Promoting affiliate products from Clickbank or Commission Junction.
  2. Ads- Having a few well placed ads from Google Adsense can be an effective way to make money online.

Making money online should be looked at as a business, and you have to take this business seriously if you are going to succeed in it.

The same thing applies with your blog.

If you are serious about starting a blog and learning how to make money online and would like to fast track ahead of the competition then I would suggest checking out the Empower Network.

Not sure what the Empower Network is? Then you should check out this post “What is Empower Network?”.


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